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Celina offers a wide variety of environmental barriers for Agriculture barns. Protection ranges from environmental - including our Barn Curtains, Fan Covers and Ventilation Tubes/Ducts - to biological with our Disinfecting Mats. These products are engineered and manufactured in our state of the art facility using technologies such as Heat Welding, HF/RF (High Frequency/Radio Frequency) Welding, and our Patented Triple Stitch Technology. Barriers are available in multiple quality materials, including Polyethylene, PVC and more!

agri-barrier curtain installation

Celina Industries creates a wide variety of Agri-Barrier Barn Curtains - here we describe the two most common methods of attachment. Contact us today for more information on barn requirements and customized designs!


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Celina Industries manufactures barn curtains with a variety of material, weight and width options. Standard material types include polyethylene (PE) and vinyl (PVC), with material widths ranging from 60''-73'' (seamless).