Celina is a division of Celina Tent Incorporated. We are a family owned business.

Celina Tent manufactures a comprehensive array of products designed to meet the sophisticated demands of today’s marketplace. Our products consist of but are not limited to flexible, laminated, coated films and fabrics requiring, printing, converting and/or fabrication.

We have over 186,840 square feet of manufacturing, office and warehouse space located in Celina, Ohio.  Our facility is 30 minutes west from I-75, 1 hour north from I-70, and 1 hour east from I-69.


What We've Achieved

  • Contract holder to produce Humanitarian General Purpose Tent System (HGPTS)
    • NSN: 8340-01-535-6379
  • Tier two supplier of tent skins and related fabric components to Department of Defense.
  • Celina produces air beam structures used as decontamination shelters used by governmental agencies.
  • Contract manufacturer of tarpaulin/covers for the leading gravity wagon manufacturer in the US.
  • Supplier of custom ventilation curtains.
  • Celina, Ohio Chamber of Commerce Business of the year.