Celina has the floor space, equipment, manpower and inventory to support consolidation of large shipments. During our peak season, 30 to 50 LTL shipments are made on a daily basis from our on-campus Distribution Center. Celina acts as a stocking location for distributors on the West Coast and routinely drop ship inventory to meet their customer demands. Celina has experience kitting large shipments to various companies and military installations.


Surge Capacity

In the event that a client requires additional product in a short amount of time, Celina can quickly convert to a “Surge Capacity” mode. Surge increases the amount of machinery and manpower dedicated to a specific product line or job. We are able to accomplish this by :

  • Utilizing equipment that is either dormant or formerly earmarked for other product lines
  • Moving personnel within and from outside departments
  • Cross-training employees to familiarize them with required processes to efficiently operate various types of equipment
  • Developing agreements and strategic alliances with vendor partners and subcontractors to supply products, services and manufacturing space
  • Utilizing unused space in Celina’s facilities
  • Modifying existing products that have been manufactured and are in stock to meet customer specifications