At Celina, we provide clients with innovative and creative solutions to their sewing needs. Our clients range from small business owners to industrial & government agencies. Our core competency is load control straps, custom covers, industrial curtains and tarps.

Celina has capabilities to do other miscellaneous operations. More of the operations available are shown below.

Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

Our facility has a many heavy duty sewing machines for heavy industrial sewing purposes. All sewing machines are inspected by our maintenance technician and are maintained and inspected on a daily basis.

Long Arm Double Needle Machines

These specific sewing machines allow large sections of material to be placed under the arm of the sewing machine to sew on the interior of larger pieces. Easier access means quicker labor times and faster product turn around.


Our programmable box tack machines can create box tacks specific for any situation. Having dedicated machines for box tacks frees up regular sewing machines for other venues of sew work, and helps to maintain a basic quality in box tacks.

Grommet Machines

Celina has multiple automatic grommet machines, greatly decreasing the overall time it takes for installation. The machines are auto­matic feed and pneumatic powered, setting #6 and #3 brass spur grommets depending on the size of the machine.




These sewing machines have guides to allow binding to be fed directly underneath the needle, in order to wrap around the edge of a piece of material. Binding protects the edges of material to prevent wear and breakdown.


Celina’s automated quilting machines allow us to create custom insulation for use in noise reduction and agricultural curtains, fabric structures, and contract quilting services in order to increase their versatility and functionality. Quilted products can be created using variable amounts of layers, with multiple material options for complete freedom when creating individualized products.