Celina Industries' custom labels come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit any of your label needs.
To create adhesive labels, we use industrial grade, chemical-resistant, durable vinyl that lasts for years – indoors and out! Our labels include widths from ½” to 4” and come in a vast array of colors. Our standard 3.0 mil vinyl provides strong, durable labels for use in any labeling applications.
Cloth labels, which range in size from ½” x ½” up to 6” x 11”, can be sewn directly to your product at our facility. Celina will manufacture your product, attach your company’s label and drop ship directly to your customer.
We employs ink jet tooling integrated into the Zünd Cutting System to print on our products. This unified approach to part identification grants us unparalleled accuracy in lot control and traceability; on our advanced products especially, this means a heightened ability to find material flaws and locate any possible defects, allowing us to create and deliver the utmost in quality products. Ink jet marking takes place in tandem with cutting, reducing the amount of time required to turn the base material into materials and pieces ready for manufacturing. Flexibility in the programming lets us offer printed barcodes and QR codes directly onto the product, compliant with MIL-STD-129R and ASTM-G154.


Celina Industries can produce customer compliant RFID Labels. Although initially developed for the military, RFID Tagging is increasingly used in supply chain management as an alternative to barcoding. These tags can be either passive or active; we has experience with both.


The most demanding packaging requirements - whether it is for Government C.3.11 packaging (requiring that all containers meet the load and dimensional requirements of the Air Force 463 L pallet) or shipping 22’ long by 2” diameter aluminum tubes via common carrier - are easy to fulfill. We can make sure your product is protected during transport to the drop ship location of your choice.
All packaging requirements can be duplicated, or if a hassle we can propose an alternative. Celina Industries uses an in-house engineering staff to help with design along with various packaging “partners” we work with to address special criteria required by our customers. Submit your packaging requirements and we will be happy to develop and provide a cost for you.