Celina is an industry leader in digital printing. We can use this expertise to open up different marketing opportunities for your application. The benefits of digital printing include faster turnaround times, lowered production costs, and the ability to personalize documents.


Latex printing delivers a profound level of productivity in the most demanding areas of the custom printing industry, bringing new material handling and technology innovation. Designed for high-volume workflow, latex prints are completely cured inside the printer. Curing in a controlled environment forms a durable print that’s ready for finishing as soon as it exits the printer. Latex’s suburb quality, wide gamut, and sharp, repeatable quality is ideal for high quality banners, self-adhesive vinyls, films, papers, and wall covers.

• 2-3 year life color expectancy
• Printing width: 3.2 meter (126”)
•Water-based latex ink promotes a healthier approach to signage
• 6 colors with resolutions up to 1200 dpi
• 5 print modes, printing up to 1950 ft² / hr


Wide Format Solvent Printing

Full color solvent printing offers a long lasting, high resolution, excellent output. Durability is top notch, suitable for outdoor usage, and modern digital printing technology brings with it photo-quality results. Quality can be good, better, or premium. With solvent inks, results are water, scratch, fade and tear resistant, and can be sun protected with UV coatings.

• 2-3 year life expectancy
• Printing width 3.2 meter (126”)
• 8 printing heads (4 color)
• Maximum output up to 900 sq. ft. per hour.

Dye Sublimation Printing - Direct to Fabric Transfer

High Definition Printing with dye sublimation, the graphic is initially printed on coated transfer paper as a reverse image of the desired final design. This is then transferred onto a polyester fabric in a heat press operating at a temperature near 375 F. Under this high temperature and pressure, the dye turns into a gas and permeates the fabric, which then solidifies into its fibers. The fabric is now permanently dyed so it can be washed time and time again, without damaging the quality of the image. Some popular fabrics to use with this print method include: heavy knit, mesh for jerseys, power stretch, flag, poplin, sheer, poly knit, poly satin, poly silk, poly linen, and poly georgette.