Keeping Your Hay Tarps Grounded


Even without an advanced degree in aerodynamics, we all know what happens when a breeze gets underneath a tarp. There’s a whole lot of fluttering – flappa flappa flappa – and then a sudden reveal - FWOOSH! At which point, of course, you’re now without a cover for your hay.

All onomatopoeia aside, maintaining your hay tarp isn’t as hard as it may seem. There doesn’t need to be a massive amount of hardcore, engineered pulleys and anchors or complicated rope knots to keep your hay tarps intact and in place. Through the already installed hardware, keeping your hay tarps right where you want them is easier than you’d think.

Right on the Edge

Each edge of the tarp has two different types of connection points; grommets are inserted into the hem around the perimeter, and there are also v-straps that are sewn to the same hem. Each can be used with your guy line and anchoring systems, depending on which styles of lines you choose.

  • Grommets
    For quick installations, the grommets spaced along the hay tarp can be connected to stakes with bungees or ratchet straps. The grommets are easy to connect to, either with the hooks on the end of the bungees or by looping the loop strap of the ratchet assembly through it. Running ropes and straps through grommets isn’t something you’re going to want to do often – using the grommets is going to be easier for long-term installations.
  • Straps
    Especially effective for longer tarps, the straps located around the tarp’s perimeter are easy to connect to the anchors of your choice. To keep the tension on the sides a rope can be fed through the straps easily, occasionally looping the rope down to an anchor (stake or hook) that has be installed. This means that as the hay underneath is being used the tarp can have the ropes adjusted to keep the tension as the tarp dimensions change.


In case you’re having trouble figuring out exactly what you need (or just need something to secure your new tarp for the time being) Celina Tent offers a pre-assembled kit. The Hay Tarp Anchoring Kit comes with anchors for all four corners, and ratchet assemblies (both the loop straps and ratchet straps) to connect to the tarp.

We not only offer many different sizes of hay tarps, but also a full array of stakes and rope styles that you can use during your installation. And as always, you can reach us through the chat box at the lower right hand corner of each of our websites, or by emailing ( or calling (888) 324-0654. We’re here for you!