CI Machinery: the Quilter


Celina Industries has many different machines that we try to use as much as possible. Not just because we like using them, but because having a machine that can be applied to multiple jobs and products doubles a machine’s value in terms of production space and personnel training. The quilter is a large machine that creates multiple sew lines at once, pulls from multiple spools, and winds the final product onto a cardboard core. While it isn’t used to make quilts (yet), there are a few things that definitely allow it to justify the space it takes up.


Each quilter takes up a fair amount of space, to be sure. The rear of the apparatus has the spools and holders in order to create the layering that is required. Depending on the product, the arrangement can be changed in order to accommodate multiple layers, partial layers, additional material strips, and so on. All of this is fed into the main sewing unit, equipped with many lines of sewing needles that have their own controls and thread feeds. Finished product exits the far side, allowing for the take up and rolling across from the main housing.

Once the product is done, the auto take up roll is easily removed and transported to further finishing, re-rolling, or shipping.

Barn Curtains

For sewing Agri-Barrier Barn Curtains, the quilter has become invaluable. Using the quilter allows us to create all of the necessary sew lines for edge hems, mid-panel pockets, and quilting for the insulated line. We’ve also used it to add extra sew lines. These addition lines make Agri-Barrier Curtains better able to withstand wearing over time.

Since the entirety of the curtain fabrication process takes places at the quilter, product can be shipped once the correct amount of curtain is made and rolled onto the shipping spool.


Many of the specialty tents we manufacture, including those used to house military personnel and for humanitarian efforts, have the option of insulated liners. This means that instead of having to purchase prefabricated insulated lining fabrics, we can just create them in-house to save on shipping time.

Since we’re creating the insulation, this also lets us decide what materials are used. Through extensive research, we’ve found various styles of materials and types of layering that can give us the exact performance aspects we’re looking for on particular products.

More information on all of Celina Industries’ machines can be found here on our website in the Capabilities tab. For a more visual medium, head an over to YouTube and check out our Let’s Talk Shop video series for quick-hit run downs of various manufacturing machines. See you there!