Ins and Outs – The Use of Fan Covers


Have you ever thought about the set of double doors that a lot of public places have? Either coming to the supermarket or a fast food restaurant’s dining room, that buffer of space and multiple door-opening is there for a very specific reason. The two-door system helps them regulate the interior atmosphere regardless of the weather outdoors.

While I’m not advocating for you to add air lock systems to barns (although imagine the super-sci-fi looking farm you would have), it does point out that there are many small ways in which simple additions can have great effects on heating and cooling systems. While it may not seem like much, Fan Covers from Celina Tent can keep out a large amount of chilly air over the coming winter.

Winds of Cold

Air pressure is a finicky thing. Since most fans installed in the side of barns are made for one-way flow, there can be little flaps or overlapping slats (think Venetian blinds) to facilitate air flowing out, and not in. While great 90% of the time, strong pulls of air from the outside can lift these slats just as easily, creating a multitude of miniature opening and closing doors.

Installing a fan cover allows you to keep these slat systems in place for summer use while still ensuring that there is a better overall seal.

Easy Usage

The finished Fan Cover is very similar to buckets, in a way. The end of the cover is rounded, with attached sides creating a barrel-like central portion that ends with a draw string pocket. Once you’ve chosen the corresponding size for your fan, it’s as simple as taking the open end of the cover, sliding it over the outer portion of the fan, and pulling the draw string tight.

Like any draw string in vinyl, make sure to try and bunch up the pocket evenly as you tighten it. Areas of over-bunched vinyl will stop the cord from moving and not create the best seal. Because most outer fan cones are sloped, only a moderate amount of tightening should be needed to make sure the cover won’t be pulled off by errant wind or blowing air.

To Use or Not To Use

But Blog Writing, you might be saying to yourself, I need at least SOME air flow to make sure we don’t suffocate. How are we supposed to get air in and out if all flow is cut off? That is an excellent question. And the answer is even better – you can be a little lazy!

Not in the “not doing work” sort of way, of course. Since there is a need to make sure air can still make some sort of back and forth movement, you can simply leave a few fans without covers to let out a smaller portion of air. You can feel proud of your effort covering only most of your fans, knowing that your livestock and still breathe easy and you can get home to relax that much quicker.

Celina Industries’ Fan Covers come in a variety of sizes to ensure that you’ll be able to find one that fits your exact fan type. All can be purchased online through in minutes. Of course, if you have any questions (or maybe want a size not listed), you can reach us by phone (888) 324-0654 or by emailing