CI Machinery: Taking a Look at the FX100

NovWK3-FX100 Machine-INDUSTRIES.jpg

Ducting is just one of the many products that Celina can create on the fly, for nearly any use. Within a ducting order are several different options: material, reinforcement, finishing, wear stripping and so on. One of the most important aspects we are often contacted about deals with the main construction method – whether the ducting will be air-tight (heat welded) or not (sewn).

Production Method of Choice

To create the water/air proof heat welded seam, Celina uses the FX100 – a ducting creation station made by Miller Weldmaster. A single operator is able to set up and run the FX100, maximizing the efficiency of production when combined with the already stellar features:

  • Auto Material Feed
    Even with the wide range of materials that Celina offers for duct manufacturing, all of it can be slit and fed into the series of guides in order to be correctly positioned for sealing. Even wire reinforcement, which is optional, can be auto-fed to minimize the amount of hassle for the operator.
  • Dual Hot Air Nozzles
    The initial seal that is used to create welded spiral ducting uses a single hot air nozzle, positioned between the two layers of fabric at the optimal distance. When adding wire reinforcement, the wire is introduced at the center of this seam and doesn’t require additional hardware or sealing areas. It’s when wear stripping is required that the second nozzle, located a few inches along the already produced duct, is turned on. This nozzle is controlled in the same fashion as the first, and is used solely to add the wear stripping.
  • Convenient Control Panel
    With all of the seals being created at a convenient watching level, the operator can adjust all tensions, speeds, and other manufacturing functions on the adjacent control panel. Trained operators can make minute adjustments

A Multitude of Options

Celina makes a concerted effort to use any and all of our machines to their fullest potential – finding ways to ensure that no machine is acquired for a single purpose or product to maximize shop space and efficiency. With the wide array of adjustments that can be made in creating just spiral ducting, there is more than enough product permutations to keep the FX100 on its toes.

More about Celina’s machinery and manufacturing capabilities can be found at, or viewing the YouTube video series “Let’s Talk Shop” where we cover many of our tools and machines used on a daily basis.