Agriculture Barn Curtain Materials: What’s Best for Me?


While replacing your barn curtains may be a few months off, the spring assessment of your barn coverings can be pre-prepped so that installation is smooth and quick. Why not pick your curtains ahead of time?

Apart from the number of pockets which is important when considering the attachment and usage methods, the base materials that Celina offers for curtain creation differ in their construction and appearances. There are many different kinds of materials to choose from when deciding on curtains to install in your barn - we offer standard, single-layer curtains composed primarily of either Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) or Polyethylene (PE).

Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Fabric

Vinyl (PVC) fabric is comprised of a layer of scrim – a woven mesh of polyester fibers - which is coated on both sides with PVC to create a solid fabric. UV- and mold/mildew resistant, these vinyl fabrics are easily sewn or heat welded to create the pockets that are used during tent installation. Most of this construction is dependent on the customer’s preference; heat welding creates a seal that is water resistant and stronger than the base material. Sewing is the most common option, and while the threads may tear they can be mended so long as inspection is done regularly.

These curtains tend to be more durable, as there is a limited chance for tears or cuts to continue separating on their own. The consistency afforded to the curtain by the PVC layers allows the curtains to resist more

Polyethylene (PE) Fabric

PE, on the other hand, is a woven material, where individual strips of polyethylene are intertwined to create the curtain’s fabric. The weave is very tight, forming a solid fabric. Should the fabric tear or be cut, and no adhesive is applied to the breaks, the curtain’s scrim may unravel and decrease the life expectancy of the curtain. Such tears can be mended through stapling, gluing, or sewing, depending on the severity of the breakage.

Due to the amount of care needed to maintain any damage to a PE curtain, there is a shorter warranty attached to it. It is also impossible to weld PE fabric, leaving only the sewing option.

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While there is no right or wrong curtain to put on your barn (as every situation is different), our Agricultural Sales expert can aid you in deciding which curtain material will best fit your needs. Give us a call today and we can walk you through the process of finding exactly what you need!

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