Industries Introspection: Returnable Fabric Packaging and You


Celina Industries offers services from cutting, sealing, and sewing to the production of various standard industrial products. With such a wide variety of products and services to choose from, it can be hard to focus on just one aspect of the available options. We know that sometimes the customization process can be challenging for end users –how do they know what dimensions to give? What is it they really want? With that in mind, we’d like to take today to focus on clearing up some of the confusion around one of our most specialized product lines – automotive packaging.

Dubbed our “Returnable Fabric Packaging Systems,” Celina’s automotive packaging is a semi-customized set of fabric compartments used to transport items within a production line.

Semi-Customized Automotive Packaging

The idea behind our packaging system is that the basic design is standard, between fabric selection, construction methods, and overall usage. The packaging system is installed on metal crate frames, allowing for transport via forklift or hand cart. Across the top of each crate are rods that nestle into the frame and loops at the top of each packaging compartment are fed onto the rods, allowing them to hang freely.

From here we get more specialized according to the customer’s needs. At its basic design, the packaging is a series of bags that amount to shelf compartments. These compartments are lined with our top-quality fabric, which is mold, mildew, and moisture resistant in addition to providing Class A surface protection. Next, once the dimensions of the product to be transported are given, we can begin designing the compartments accordingly. Due to the piecemeal design of the overall packaging, it’s possible to mix and match the styles and types of compartments within a single crate to ensure that all needs can be met.

Class A Surfaces

The most common phrase associated with Fabric Packaging is the phrase “Class A Surface Protection.” Dealing with how the product looks, a Class A surface is one that will not distort light that is reflecting off of it. Think of car commercials – the zoomed-in panning shots of the car’s curves, such as the fender or areas of the hood. In essence, it’s a smooth, reflective surface. This is important to know because you can imagine how easy it would be to chip, mar, or damage such a surface in a factory setting; Returnable Fabric Packaging actively works to protect these surfaces.

There are 3 main goals of returnable packaging. They include:

  • Facilitate Easy Transportation and Storage – compartments in a crate can be covered and hauled with a forklift or hand cart easily, along with the anti-microbial and water resistant fabric designed to help maintain product protection over time
  • Enhance Product Safety – in keeping with the Class A Surface protection described above, tailor-made compartments keep the product secure and shielded from most dirt and moisture
  • Reduce Waste – common transportation practices involve plastics or cardboard to move pieces from place to place; having reusable packaging drastically cuts the amount of refuse that is generated

We welcome all ideas and designs to which we can apply our Fabric Packaging – the more the merrier! Celina’s customizable system and wide range of fabric styles are sure to have some appeal to nearly every product available. Contact us today for more information!