Shade for Showing: Fast Shades at Fairs


Showing livestock at fairs and conventions can be a hectic ordeal. From travel to boarding to scheduling, the last thing you want to be worrying about is how your display area will look once you’ve gotten everything situated. For these reasons, the Fast Shade Pop Up Canopy is one of the best investments that any showman can have in his arsenal.

Shade, First and Foremost

The shade is really the main draw for Fast Shades. With a 1-2 minute installation and lightweight design, each Fast Shade delivers anywhere from 100 square feet (with the 10’x10’ tent) up to 200 square feet (when using a 10’x20’ tent) of shade – perfect for single stalls and larger venues. With long days of showing, bargaining, buying, and trading, the relief of getting out of the sun – or possibly rain – is a boon!


It helps to let people know exactly what you’re showing and why. For those in the breeding and siring line of work, you can proudly display you animal’s name or line right on the tent top! Custom printing allows you not only to put names and phrases but also logos, phone numbers, websites, or any information you deem pertinent right onto the top and valances of the tent for prominent display.

And info doesn’t stop at just the tent top fabric. With Celina’s line of Fast Shade accessories, there’s no limit to the attention you can muster. You can add printed flags that attached to stands on the ground or even connect to the legs of the tent. You can add a sidewall or backdrop – perfect for not only adding more print space but also cordoning off different sections of your display space. This doesn’t even get into the styles of banners that can be attached directly to the tent, allowing for more area underneath for your animal to move around.

Easy to Adjust/Lift/Configure

The Fast Shade was created to be the easiest tent to move around without the hassle of striking and installation hardware. Each tent fits in a single wheeled bag, which lets you move the tent to and from the installation site without needlessly tiring you before you’ve event started to put it up. The frame and top fabric area stored separately to protect your print from undue wear, and is installed during the frame set up to minimize the amount of time spent on adjustments.

Once the tent is set up, it’s very easy to maneuver. In case your pen isn’t quite able to handle even the smallest 10’ x 10’ Fast Shade, you can easily lift legs over fences or obstructions to allow for the tent to still be used. And with the lightweight frame system, you won’t have to worry about your livestock getting hurt running into a leg or two – it’ll bounce them right back!

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Fast Shade Pop Up Canopies are available in multiple sizes on our website, With so many accessories and custom printing options, you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for! Give us a call at 844-803-9444 and we can answer any and all questions you have. See you at the show!