With a New Willis, There’s a Way at Celina Tent

As of June 20th, 2016, Celina Tent is pleased announce that Dave Willis has joined the company as the new Director of Operations and General Manager. With his extensive experience in business modeling, process design, and company operations, he will be an invaluable asset as Celina moves forward as a company.

Formerly of both Visions in Celina and Federal Mogul in Van Wert, Dave will help Celina as it continues to grow and expand into more diversified interests. As new products, product lines, and abilities are added to an already expansive list of manufacturing skills, he will help to ensure current quality standards are held while integrating any new techniques.

Celina Tent’s customer base is primarily focused on military, disaster relief, and event tents and equipment. Product lines have recently expanded to include Agricultural Curtains and Industrial/Military/Aviation ventilation ducting, as well as automotive returnable dunnage.

With a New Willis, There’s a Way at Celina Tent

Celina Tent continues to grow and expand with new products, markets, and manufacturing doctrine. With the recent addition of Dave Willis, these processes will be expedited, rocketing Celina Tent into a new and improved era of product and process development.

Mr. Willis, a SOMEWHERE native, will be filling the positions of Director of Operations and General Manager.  This will allow him to oversee all production issues, something he has had a great deal of experience with from his 12-year stint as VP of Operations, General Manager, and President of Visions, also located in Celina. “HERE IS A QUOTE ABOUT HIRING DAVE WILLIS,” said CELINA TENT EXECUTIVE. “CONTINUATION OF THE PREVIOUS POINT OR AN ADDITIONAL QUOTE.”

Celina has made great strides in expansion in the past few years, creating new product lines. These include Agricultural Curtains, Ventilation Ducting for the industrial, military, and aviation markets, as well as Returnable Dunnage Systems employed in automotive manufacturing. Serving markets including the US Military, Humanitarian Relief efforts, and Event Tent and Equipment, the addition of Mr. Willis to the Celina juggernaut will help zero in on the future direction the company.