Celina Tent, Inc Sets Plans to Build New Warehouse

Celina Tent, Inc signs contract with Bruns Building & Development to build new warehouse in Celina, OH

Celina Tent, Inc has made plans to build a brand new Celina Tent Distribution Center adjacent to their headquarters in Celina, OH. The groundwork for the new facility has started to take place and is expected to be complete in the late Fall of 2017.

An Expansion for Celina’s Customers’ Growing Needs

With an ever-growing and wide variety of production lines – commercial tents, military structures, printed products, and industrial products and services – space on the Celina factory floor is at a premium. As with any growing business, Celina has continued to expand both product lines and markets to keep up with demand.

President of Celina Tent, Jeff Grieshop, stated, “The 100,000 square foot distribution center is the next logical step in our growth plan. This modern distribution center will allow us to serve customers all over the world in all business sectors in the most efficient method. Celina will now be able to provide value added services to our customers, including kitting, custom packaging and private labeling. Currently our on-time delivery rate is over 98%. The improved warehouse layout and technology will be our next step in achieving 100% on-time delivery.”

New Warehouse Provides Storage Space

The new building will be significantly larger than Celina’s current warehouse facility, which is currently located in the nearby town of Coldwater, OH with an approximately 54,000 square feet of storage space. Having used the same facility for 11 years, a change is definitely due. By creating a newer warehouse with a closer-proximity to manufacturing, Celina will be able to increase efficiency and decrease lead times for customers. The new building will be almost twice the size of Celina’s current warehouse– measuring in at 100,000 square feet of space – and will be located right on their main manufacturing grounds.

The added building height will help to create additional storage and maximize space. High Bay Storage Areas upwards of 43’ feet tall will allow Celina to have an abundance of vertical storage space –meaning more product ready to be shipped to you at a moment’s notice.

Moving Toward the Future

While Celina started as an event tent rental business, for more than 12 years they have focused solely on the manufacturing and distribution of fabric shelters and accompanying equipment. “We still get many walk-ins asking to rent a tent,” says Celina’s Administration Manager Jill Roy. Early in the company’s career, it became evident that sourcing and manufacturing higher quality items were a sorely needed niche in the wider world of tent rentals; dedicating time, equipment, and manpower to the production of tents and accessories that could be used reliably for years left little resources to devote to ensuring a top-notch rental experience. Once the rental portion of the business was sold in 2005, Celina was able to commit 100% to creating the best quality tents. With this and so many other product lines now in full swing, improved warehousing space and organization are paramount to continuing success.

With the added space, Celina will be able to combine shipment consolidation, item kitting, and distribution into one area for all of their product lines – from the standard tents and event items of commercial sales to the more specialized ducting, agricultural, automotive, and industrial products that move through their plant. This means shorter lead times on all products!

Situated within walking distance of Celina’s production buildings and main offices, the new Distribution Center has the added benefit of space to the North and West for building expansion when needed. The current completion date for the new building is November 1st, 2017.


You can find more information about Celina Tent on their websites www.celinatent.com, www.celinaindustries.comand www.gettent.com.

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