Celina Industries continues to excel in all aspects of Agricultural equipment, most recently delving into the design and production of numerous styles of ventilation. It is with this in mind that Jamie Dues, Account Manager for Agriculture at Celina Industries, has undergone extensive training to become a certified Positive Pressure Tube Ventilation (PPTV) Consultant.

Consultant Training Requirements

Through seminars at the University of Wisconsin, she has studied all of the various aspects that affect proper ventilation systems. This includes air changes per hour, ventilation design variables, and the proper amounts of fresh air required for the barn contents. As a PPTV Consultant, Jamie is able to assess any agricultural installation for the proper ventilation apparatus, providing both personalized layouts and also providing sales of Ventilation Tubing that is the proper size for the space.

The Importance of Adequate Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is extremely important for the well-being of farm animals, especially when housing younger animals. Proper air flow is enough to decrease respiratory disease, minimizing any sort of draft on any livestock contained within.  There are multiple factors when designing a ventilation tube, which can affect the design of the tube itself, variances present in the diameter of the tube holes and their location and spacing. The base ventilation systems – referring to the fans used to power ventilation – need to be taken into account. Fan sizes and speeds can affect the viability of various tube diameters.

PPTV Consultation (Jamie Dues) Background

Jamie came to Celina Industries in January of 2016. Agriculture has been in her pocket her whole life, growing up and working on a friend’s family farm, showing horses and performing upkeep year-round.  After high school, she studied to become a registered Veterinary Technician, working with both small and large animals. Jamie is one of only two PPTV Consultants in the tristate area, putting her in a unique position to serve the surrounding communities in a capacity that was, until very recently, inaccessible.

These years of experience in agriculture make Jamie Dues a sure fit for Celina’s continued growth in the ventilation industry.

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PS Take a look below at what inspired Jamie to become a PPTV consultant!

There is a shortage of PPTV consultants in our area who can provide & design proper barn ventilation that fits the needs of today’s farmers. I wanted to help fill that gap and provide my expertise to both small and large facilities alike.