Repairing, replacing or improving your barn ventilation? Look no further!


Celina offers numerous equipment options when it comes time to repairing, replacing, or improving your barn ventilation system.  We offer standard and custom Ventilation Tubes for year-round use, along with Tunnel Curtains manufactured from durable PVC with welded seams and multiple sizes of Fan Covers to aid in winterizing barns.

When utilizing a negative-pressure system in barns with fans installed on the external wall, Tunnel Curtains are used to manually increase and decrease the amount of air flow through the barn.  Celina’s state of the art Tunnel Curtains are manufactured utilizing 14oz PVC material.  This material is both UV rated and mildew/mold resistant, with the number of curtain pockets customizable to meet the needs of your installation.  All pockets are Heat Welded to the base fabric, giving extra strength to the curtain.  Heat Welding is the most durable fabrication process, allowing the curtain to hold up to the pull of the fans.

Ventilating your barns with positive pressure is made just as easy with properly installed ventilation ducting.  Pulling outside air into the barn to force the inside air out can be less intuitive, and more of a science.  Celina has a trained Positive Pressure Ventilation Tube teammate on staff to help you draw up all ventilation tube requirements based on your barn’s size and layout. The tube requirements will always vary from barn to barn.  Celina has developed numerous options, able to meet all possible needs of any installation.

Fan Covers, made to standard fan diameter sizes, are manufactured from 14 oz. PVC, including a drawstring around the opening to keep the cover in place while installed.  During the winter months, fans can be covered to keep the snow out of the pits while still able to be removed quickly should the need arise.

Give Celina a call today to help with any Ventilation questions or needs you may have. Our helpful sales staff can walk you through any planning or design required to meet your needs and give you the products you need.