What is InfraShield Technology?

Your shelters should have the best in environmental protection, be if from the wind, rain, or even day-in-day-out sunlight. At Celina, InfraShield Technology is a proprietary method of making materials for the creation of billeting and storage tents less susceptible to the effects of infrared radiation.

As light that is lower on the spectrum than that which is visible to the naked eye, infrared or IR light has the tendency to act similar to visible light, in that as it’s absorbed by various objects they begin to release it back out again as thermal radiation. While changing the color of an object, with the use of pigments or paint, can affect its reflectivity and therefore the absorption rate of visible light energy, IR tends to ignore the colors of objects and is absorbed according to the object’s IR emissivity.

Importance of Environmental Control Units (ECUs)

In the field, most tents are equipped with Environmental Control Units (ECUs) to maintain a constant working temperature for sensitive equipment and present personnel. For this to work properly, minimizing external environmental factors becomes increasingly important. IR radiation can greatly hinder efforts in cooling or maintaining a constant interior temperature level. To combat this, Celina has developed and tested the use of InfraShield to minimize the effects of IR radiation.

Our main facility located in Celina, Ohio, is where we test all of our new products. For the InfraShield testing we use our Thermal Resistance Assessment Chamber. The TRAC allows us to create separately heated or cooled sides, using the material as a barrier and tracking the amount of energy used to maintain the desired temperature on the side representing the interior of the shelter. InfraShield material is layered in various ways with other materials, and is then bombarded with IR lights. Compared to tests where the layers do not include InfraShield materials, we are able to ascertain the effectiveness of our shielding, and find the most operative layer system to be used based on the desired outcome.

InfraShield materials are available for use in tents for billeting, item storage, ducting, and any other application that is required. When combined with Celina’s other proprietary insulation option, ThermaCore, insulated structures are optimized for the most consistent environmental controls possible. All materials used for InfraShield products are Barry Amendment compliant. For more information contact us at sales@celinatent.com.