Bridging the gap between Industrial Applications and Canine Agility

With constant innovation and branching into new fields of manufacturing, Celina Tent has recently developed our own section of fabrication entirely devoted to industrial and agricultural ducting. Celina Industries’ wire-supported ducting is made to the exact standards that all Celina customers have come to know and appreciate. With product lines bridging the gap between industrial applications and canine agility/training implements, our ducting can fulfill any need you may have.

The Science Behind Wire-Supported Ducting

Wire-supported Industrial Ducting is made from a wide range of materials, the basic design including PVC or vinyl fabric that is sewn or heat sealed around a length of spiraled wire. This construction allows the ducting to bend, twist, and stretch when installed; this free-form ability makes it great for many different shop uses. Air movement, dust collection, and vacuum suction tubing are all uses to which our ducting can be applied, giving you a multitude of usage options no matter which style of ducting you choose.

Competitive Dog Training & Agility Tunnels

In the realm of competitive dog training, agility tunnels test a dog’s speed and talent when presented with a tunnel that can be arranged to twist and turn at random intervals. Ducting for this area needs to be wear resistant, but also safe enough for use around pets. Our manufacturing techniques allow for the highest quality tunneling that eliminates any and all possible protruding bits of wire or fabric, which may cause harm to the animals using the tunnels.

From heat-sealed tunnels safe for your furry friends to the tubing that brings you fresh air, you can be sure of one thing: ducting from Celina will be created to the highest quality standard around. With the choice of multiple end finishes, construction materials, and sizing options, we can provide the ducting you need for your individual purpose. From industrial hoses to backyard accessories, you can’t go wrong with a duct form Celina Industries!

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