Thermacore Insulation Liners: Protect, Reduce and Save

Insulated liners for tents allow a tent not only to retain heat in cold weather climates, but also are instrumental in keeping heat from raising the interior temperature of an air conditioned structure. To combat the negative effects of exterior environmental conditions, Celina has been developing strategies for increasing the insulating properties of materials, material coatings, and material blending and layering. This has led to our development of ThermaCore – customizable fabric structure insulation.

Akin to wearing multiple layers of clothing, the basic idea being ThermaCore technology is the creating the right layers of the right types of materials. Once combined the layers (and their cumulative positive effects) can create a barrier to environmental intrusions that protect shelters from extreme high and low temperature spikes, reduce the effects of ultraviolet and infrared light, and present a more cost-effective and easy-to-use option.

ThermaCore insulation takes into account all possible avenues for heat loss or entry that can be prevented. Materials used in the creation of the insulation minimizes thermal bridging, maintaining the most consistent layering that can be achieved by avoiding the types of adhesives and bonding that create gaps in the material’s effectiveness. Some layering is also made to be UV reflective, in an effort to minimize UV breakdown of the layering materials and also to reduce UV penetration to the interior of the structure.

In addition to its thermal properties, ThermaCore is made from materials which are flame-resistant. Testing demonstrates that even with areas of light to moderate charring the materials exhibit operant material strength. Due to extended testing on various layering options, we’ve created an insulation that not only shields a shelter from the thermal effects of an environment, but is also a moderate sound buffer. Peak frequency absorption lies around 2kHz, equivalent to the bottom 8th of the perceptible range humans can hear.

When combined with Celina’s other proprietary insulation product, InfraShield, the tent or shelter that is being insulated is protected from the elements to the highest degree possible. For more information, contact us at