Disinfecting Footbath Mats

As science continues to draw back the curtain on infectious pathogens that affect our daily lives, we are increasingly focused on contamination prevention. Nowhere is this more important than for the agricultural sector of our economy. Preparedness can take many forms: healthy living conditions, proper ventilation, appropriate diet, and contingencies to minimize external contamination.

When a visitor from another farm or simply from outside of the current livestock holding area arrives, they can be carrying with them contaminates that may compromise all of your hard work. Not necessarily on purpose; simply walking through some infected area may cause them to carry pathogens on the soles of their shoes.

Celina’s solution for this cross-contamination is use of the Disinfecting Footbath Mat. Each mat is made from PVC, Mesh, and a liquid-containment sponge interior that holds whatever kind of disinfecting solution you prefer. When in use, mats are set with the mesh side up and the disinfectant is poured onto the mat. The PVC bottom and edges keep the liquid within the mat so that none can escape and possibly pollute the ground water supply. Enough liquid is contained to cover the bottom of shoes and boots without actually rising high enough to soak into footwear.

All mats are made using heat weld technology; this allows us to avoid any sewing, which creates a myriad of holes that would let any liquids escape. Disinfecting Footbath Mats are made in two sizes: 24” x 28” and 36” x 72”, and should only be used on level surfaces to prevent leakage.