Why Micro-Weld Technology is the Superior Choice

Common radio frequency or high frequency (RF/HF) welding creates a welded seam by combining pressure and heat to combine the outer layers of two adjacent materials. The frequencies used by the sealing machines are turned to the specific frequencies for the materials in use, heating the materials throughout. Phasing from a heating cycle to a cooling cycle while under pressure ensures an even seal through the bar or die area, creating a new uniform layer of material which is often more secure and solid than either of the original materials.

One major drawback of this process occurs in the advent of seal failure – once a seal begins to separate, the rest of the seal soon follows, much like a row of falling dominoes. To combat this Celina has developed Micro-Weld Technology™ for use with our RF and HF sealing machines.

Through the use of these Micro-Welds, the seal that is created becomes more tear-resistant. The same strength that is attributed to a normal RF/HF seal still remains, while the force required for breaking said seal and continuing failure along a single seal line is increased exponentially. Even when the seal is compromised at more than one location, the remainder of the seal retains the same tear resistance throughout, making individual fail points easier to find and fix before the problem escalates.

Micro-Weld Technology™ is just one of many sealing options offered by Celina, which also include bar and die stationary seals, the use of our traveling RF/HF welder for mass-quantity orders, and stationary and traveling hot-air rolling welders. For more information, visit contact us at sales@celinatent.com.