Winterizing Barns: Cut Costs and Save Money

It’s the time of year to start thinking about closing the doors and curtains on your barns.  Makes you wonder: what condition are your curtains in?  Do they have holes, are there tears, or is the stitching allowing the poles to become exposed?  Do they fully cover your openings or has wear and tear left them shorter? All these factors can allow outside weather into your barn, not only driving up your heating bills but endangering the health of your livestock.

Did you know-you can lose from 5% to a full 10% of the internal heat in the barn to worn curtains? The larger the size of the tear or hole, the larger the amount of heat loss.  Adding to the heat lost is the intrusion of snow, sleet, rain, and wind that can make interior conditions less than agreeable.  All of these winter hazards increase the overall heat loss, and may also cause drafts for your animals, which may cause an increase of livestock health issues.

Here at Celina Industries, we can help you decide which curtain will best fit your needs and tighten up your barn for the winter.  We offer both standard curtains and an insulated variety depending on your specific needs. All of our barn curtains can be made with our trademark Triple Stitch Technology™ or heat welded hems per your request. Before the snow flies, fix those curtains to decease the overall lose to the farm.