Introducing Celina's Superior Barn Curtain Liners

Celina’s variable lines of agriculture curtains have expanded to include the Tunnel Curtain, a staple in most hog and turkey barn installations. In the same vein as our standard and insulated agricultural curtains, our Tunnel Curtains have been researched and designed to promote advancement in engineering we’re capable of implementing.

As the air flow in most barn systems dictates, the tunnel curtain provides the entry point for the bulk of the air that is drawn in by wall fans on the opposite end of the barn from the curtains. With much of the barn’s sides still sealed off from the environment, the tunnel curtain is lowered or raised to control the amount of air that can be pulled into the barn interior. This system allows for the cycling of a vast majority of the barn’s interior atmosphere. Since the pull on the curtains increases as the opening decreases, the tunnel curtains themselves need to have a high tensile fabric strength in order to remain intact through repeated use and hours of tension on the support pockets and fabric itself.

Through the use of heat welding, Celina’s tunnel curtains have exhibited exceptional resistance to wear and breakdown over time. Heat welding, achieved through our hot-air welders, creates a seam or seal that is stronger than the base fabric the product is made from. Utilizing the best in sealing techniques allows us at Celina to deliver the highest quality product imaginable.

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