Agri-Barrier Insulated Barn Curtain

It’s never pleasant to think about, but as winter draws nearer it becomes all the more important to make sure your barns are ready for chilly weather. You’ll want something that will last and function as expected. Our line of Agri-Barrier™ curtains are made with your interests in mind, from function to pricing and everything in between.

Each Insulated Barn Curtain is made with using Celina’s triple-stitch technology, with three material layers for maximum effect:

1.       Outer Layer – 13 oz. PVC

The outside of the barn curtain is the first defense against wintery weather; the 13 oz. polyvinyl chloride is both durable and UV resistant. This protects the interior air-buffer layers from any possible rupture due to rain, hail, or possible debris. The reduction of UV breakdown means that the curtains can withstand the day-to-day exposure.

2.       Center Layer – Bubble Wrap

Sewn to both of the outer layers, the bubble wrap provides an even layer of buffering that is the bulk of the insulation. As the bubbles are created in a solid sheet, this means that only the bubbles along sew lines are compromised. This also means that the insulation will not fall or collect at the bottom of the curtain. Even if a few of the bubbles are broken, the bulk will remain in place and continue to function even when damaged.

3.       Inner Layer – 4.8 oz. PE

The inside of the curtain doesn’t need to be as strong or resilient as the outer layer does, but will protect the insulation layer from minor scrapes and bumps. The change in material from the outer layer makes the overall curtain lighter and more economical. As the inside of most barns are not exposed to weather, no UV resistance is necessary and the extra thickness would amount to little added value.

Don’t be caught with work to do as the days become shorter and your cows are mooing from the cold. Order your Insulated Agri-Barrier Barn Curtains today and be ready for frosty seasons. And while you’re visiting us, be sure to check out all of our Agricultural products!