Use Dog Agility Tunnels to Keep Your Pets Happy, Healthy, and Full of Pep!


Whether it’s your “fluffy puppy” or your award-winning competition dog, one thing remains the same: you want the best for your pets. Just as the key to healthy living for humans is proper diet and exercise, the same can be said for your pets. And lucky for you, it’s now easier than ever to find training gear that fits your pet's needs exactly – by ordering Dog Agility Tunnels from Celina!

Getting the Tunnel That’s Fits Your Pet’s Needs

To begin an order for an agility tunnel, you first need to know the dimensions you would like (note, we can do almost any dimension!). This can change based on your dog’s size and how you plan on using the tunnel.

1. Diameter – make sure that this measurement is larger than the height of your dog. You don’t want your pet’s back scraping on the tube while it’s trying to run. Standard lengths include:

a. 10’ – perfect for small pets, the 10’ length is for novice canine training.

b. 15’ – the smaller of the two competition lengths, our 15’ tunnel lets you create a smaller, yet challenging obstacle for your pet.

c. 20’ – our longest tunnel, the 20’ is the maximum length of competition tunnels and is easily curved into 2 to 3 corners.

2. Length – a longer tube means that you can add more twists and turns to your dog’s course. It’s also good to make sure the tunnel isn’t too long, especially for smaller pets.

3. Pitch – this refers to the space between coils of the reinforced wire that creates the tube. Most competition-style agility tunnels use a 4” (10.16 cm) standard pitch. We offer both 4” and 6” pitch, allowing you to work your way up to competition style or use your tunnel for fun with more bends twists!

Safety First!

Once the tunnel is the right size for “man’s best friend”, remember to have the tunnel secured to the ground. No ropes or stakes come with the tunnels. Because of this, you’ll need to know what method you plan to use, and what materials you’ll need. Common methods include:

  • Stakes and Rope – stakes are put on either side of the tunnel with a rope looping over the top of the agility tunnel to hold it in place.
  • Pins and Straps – similar to the stake-and-rope method, smaller pins are pushed into the ground with a solid strap looping over the tunnel.

Each turn and entrance in your tunnel will need to be held in place to make sure no harm comes to your furry friend. Combined with the smooth interior wall of each tunnel made by hot-air welding, Celina’s Dog Agility Tunnels can be everything you need to ensure your dog’s long and healthy life! Visit our website for information on our construction methods and products, all available for purchase 24/7 at!