Round and Round the Spiral Ducts Go!


Need to replace the ducting on a machine in your shop? Want supported hosing that easily accommodates air flow without falling flat? With abilities and materials that span many different applications, Celina Industries has honed our ability to create durable Spiral Ducting to any specification or purpose that you can imagine. And the process is simple –you just pick your options and let us do the work!

“I am a Material Duct” 

Let's talk about what this simple ordering process looks like step-by-step.

First, the spiral ducting process begins when you decide on your base material. Most ducts are made from vinyl fabrics, which give flexibility to the duct without reducing its durability. As a brief run down, we’ve worked with:

  1. Block out White Vinyl – standard, durable vinyl with two PVC layers, an internal support scrim, and layer of light-blocking material.
  2. MILPRF (Military Specification) Materials – Used for military applications, these materials are triple-checked to make sure they pass strict quality checks.
  3. Specially Treated Fabrics – Celina uses special InfraShield coatings on various materials to improve UV-blocking properties!

Just Under the Wire

The real draw of spiral ducting is the support wire. This is what gives each duct its tubular shape; as the material is sealed in a spiral, a line of wire is incorporated into the seal. Combining the seal with the wire placement allows us to make ducting in a single step – efficiently processing it all at once.

Some ducting is meant to be used in areas where the duct will be moved around or rub against machines or other ducting. For products used in these situations, we can add a layer of material just over the wire, called “wear stripping”, to protect the duct from wearing out too quickly.


The material is chosen, and the wire is incorporated. But wait! One aspect that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is the topic of air flow in a duct. Yes, we know that’s what the majority of them are used for, but there is the life of your duct to consider, too! Spiral ducting is created by wrapping material around in a circle, sealing itself in an on-going spiral as the machine pulls the material and wire in. Because the edges overlap, a lip is created on the interior of each duct.

The lip is pointed toward the starting end of the duct. Why is this important? Because lips can catch air – and that won’t be good for flow. It’s important to remember that the air must flow from the stopping end of the duct to the starting end to avoid air flowing into this lip, which can slow air and catch potential dust and dirt caught up in the flow. Knowing the air flow is important because it can change how each end of the duct is finished (how it connects to other items).

The Finishing Process    

Did you think we were going to give away everything? J In next week’s entry, we’ll explain all of the possible finishing styles that we offer. Visit us again for our second Spiral Ducting blog series, Finishing Options, and stick around for more information on our easy-to-ordering Spiral Ducting – for all your air flow needs! If you have any questions, contact us at by email – – or call (888) 324-0654 to learn more.