Field Hospitals’ World-Wide Reach


When Celina Industries mentions involvement with military tents, the first thought that most people have is that we create the tents where soldiers sleep. And that’s true. It’s the additional types of shelters that reveal the extent to which CI is involved in military efforts around the globe. Through specialization, we not only help with the ongoing protection of troops but help to advance fabric product development in the long run.

The EMEDS Field Hospital

Pivotal in ongoing medical treatment, the Expeditionary Medical Support System is mobile hospital made in a similar vein to the rapid-installed military billeting or storage shelters. The obvious difference between the standard shelters and those used for medical purposes is the attention given to keeping personnel and patients protected from pathogens and germs from outside. This bio-security is ensured in multiple ways:


When using the EMEDS as a positive-pressure shelter, the airlock door system is perfect for keeping the majority of air borne contaminates to a minimum. Each multi-person entrance (MPE) has double doors for easy access, which can be used as a bump-through entrance to reduce contamination through touch. This provides quick entry for emergency situations, with the smallest chance of contamination or shelter compromise.

Resistant Fabric

EMEDS are designed for collective protection down to the very fabrics used to create the walls of each shelter. Using fabrics that naturally repel contaminates means that there is less of a chance of anything permeating the fabric during an installation, through a means that most people don’t consider when in an emergency.

Each shelter is also made as a single-skin piece; no additional liners, dividers, or fabrics are required after a tent installation to ensure this level of protection. Faster set up lets personnel who work in the medical facility get to the job at hand quicker, at a time when “quick” can make a real difference.

Extensive Testing

To be sure that the shelters can withstand not only ambient contamination but also direct bio attacks, each shelter is put through testing to make sure that the biosecurity can be maintained throughout an installation. Testing for airlock purging, leakage testing, ensuring the shelters combine into various shapes and orientations, and vapor/particle challenges are completed to rigorous specifications.

Spanning the Planet

Being a well-designed and tested shelter, the EMEDS isn’t without real-world experience. Systems that we’ve created have been used in recent emergency circumstances, most notably in Operation United Assistance. Two complete EMEDS hospital shelter systems created at Celina were set up by troops sent to help the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa. Vital aid was able to be administered quickly and efficiently.

Whether being used for humanitarian aid, disaster relief, or for medical efforts on the battlefield, the EMEDS has been crafted to be the best. With quality materials, advanced designs, and the best production methods, we can ensure that those in need get the highest quality care.