Making Construction a Work of Art


You’d be hard pressed to find someone unfamiliar with the average view of a construction site. I know we’re quite well acclimatized to them. The material stacks and machinery that becomes spread across the worked earth can get to be tiring to see, especially if the rest of the area is extremely well landscaped.

While a simple wall can be put up to block the view, wire fences are most likely to be used because of their economic install and easy storage and use. Which brings us to cover – can you imagine the wind loads that would be put on a temporary wire fence if you were to cover it with a regular banner? Even a gentle breeze – which is classified as 8-12 miles per hour – can cause enough pressure over the course of a fence to start pushing it out of place. Our solution: make that banner out of mesh!

What they Do

On the most basic level, the use of a mesh banner keeps prying eyes out of the area, or blocks unsightly views to the public. From building renovation to standard construction sites and even business locales, a mesh screen can keep a view from being too marred by the hustle and bustle of a working project. Making the banners out of mesh solves the problem of wind loading. Air and wind can flow through the banner whenever a breeze kicks up, reducing wear to both the banner and the fence that it’s attached to.

Plain mesh isn’t the only option – far from it. With custom printing, you can advertise or keep the public informed as to what the project is (and deter any more nosy people from trying to get a closer and possibly unsafe view). Screens we’ve printed include those that display the logo or graphic for the location where the construction is located (towns or university campuses, for example), or can have the name of the construction company itself put up for display, adding advertising value to the safety fence.

How you Use

A Mesh Screen is made to be attached to almost any structure or existing fence. We’ve seen them most commonly in areas with fencing or other structures that allow air to pass through making solid vinyl banners a hazard due to wear. The banner has a series of grommets located around the perimeter; through these, you can attach any means to secure the screen in place. Ropes, zip ties, and bungees are just a few of the means that customers have used to fasten screens.

Not every project can be an eye-catching affair, but with the use of Mesh Screens at least the fencing can add a little aesthetic to the location. Advertise your own company, the new creation, or even local businesses – or just display your favorite landscape. The possibilities are yours for exploring!

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