A Breath of Fresh Health – The Barn Curtain Advantage


There is no shortage of reports from early medical practices where the prescribed cure for illness was lots and lots of fresh air. Mr. F.O. Stanley of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company (who made Stanley Steamer cars) famously suffered from tuberculosis until he traveled west for that healthful mountain air.

Easy to get, air is literally everywhere outside! This bastion of health is by no means only available to humans – it’s a very important part of keeping your livestock kicking as well.

Installing and knowing the correct usage for barn curtains and ventilation systems has a tri-fold effect on the overall environment that your animals live in.

1. Accumulation of Gases

Barns stink, but that’s only half of what we’re talking about. Many different animals (and, more specifically, their excrement) give off gases that can accumulate and cause health issues if not properly vented. Carbon dioxide breathed out, methane and ammonia from the *ahem* other end, and environmental sources of gas all add up to what can quickly become a stuffy situation.

Systems installed to ensure the cycling and expulsion of air keep the atmosphere inside of your barns from becoming a danger.

2. Cycling Air to Rid Contaminates

When not dealing with the very air itself, items such as excessive dust and diseases can catch rides on the air. With a properly ventilated barn, you can help to rid your housing of any bugs and dirt that can seriously decrease animal wellbeing.

3. Heat Exchange

While not the first aspect that comes to mind when you mention animal health, the temperature in a barn is the most effective aspect to maintaining the best setting. Especially when dealing with cows, the amount of heat given off by simply being is incredible (cows maintain a 101°F body temperature!).

Staving off problems such as pneumonia and heat exhaustion is simple when barns are equipped with the correct curtain and duct systems to keep the interiors cool, fresh, and clean. Overall, the best way to make your animals happy and productive to find a system that supplies them with fresh, consistent air and temperatures for the best possible health.

Celina’s PPTV Certified Consultant Jamie Dues is on hand to help with any ventilation needs you require; taking into account your animals and the design of your barn itself, she can custom-design air systems to make sure you’re getting the most out of your housing situation. Contact us today by email or phone (888-986-2026) to get the latest on barn curtains, ventilation ducting, and more!