We’ve Got it Covered – Pontoons!


Having a close association with (and proximity to) Grand Lake, there are a few products we don’t advertise as much but still produce on a fairly regular basis. In addition to agricultural curtains and custom tarps, Celina also has large amounts of experience making covers for pontoon boats.

Covers for What?

For the uninitiated, pontoon boats are stored at docks that are equipped with framework covers that raise and lower. The cover for pontoons is secured to the frame, connected to the dock and lowered over a moored pontoon boat. This keeps the interior of the pontoon boat protected since the common style of boat doesn’t have roofing over the majority of the craft. This provides protection from rain, windy conditions, and so on.

Wait, you may be saying to yourself, installing a cover that just blows off? How does a fabric top protect the sides?

Each cover is equipped with a series of straps that wrap around the edging of the frame, keeping the bulk of the fabric connected. Pocket created along the sides of the cover also have chain link installed, providing weight to the fabric and keeping the hanging edges of the cover from being buffeted and blown around in breezes and wind.

Getting Prepped for Action

Summer is here, which means more and more excursions out onto the water. What can be more of a pain than getting ready for some fun on the water and getting to your pontoon boat, only to find that blowing dirt, dead leaves, and pooling rain water have made the interior an uncomfortable mess?

Each cover created at Celina is:

  • Made from 18 Ounce Vinyl

Covers are made for protection – why would we use a thinner material? 18 ounce vinyl grants the cover superior durability all year long.

  • Secured with Thumb Buckle Straps

As mentioned, straps around the perimeter of the cover’s interior are what connect the cover to the framework. These straps wrap around the frame tubing and then secure with Thumb Buckles; also called alligator clips, the end of the strap is fed through the buckle teeth which allow the end to be pulled through but keeps the strap from returning back through the buckle opening until the buckle thumb piece is pressed. This makes for easy installation and removal.

  • Crafted per Pontoon Cover Frames

Frames for pontoon covers all run around the same-ish size and shape; after all, most pontoon boats are mass produced. Due to slight variations, however, our cover design is customized to each frame for the best fit.

Whether your old cover is in need of scrapping or you’re looking for a nice Father’s Day present, a pontoon cover from Celina is made to fit and made to last. Give us a ring at (888) 324-0654 and get prepped for summer now!