Chatty Kathys and Stoic Steves – We Deal with ‘Em All!


There is nothing more off-putting than searching for something you need, like fabric products or specialty agricultural items, and having to deal with people who are in SALES MODE. You’ve seen them, and probably talked with them too. The person whose sole interest is getting you to buy as much product as you can. Even if it isn’t what you’re there asking about!

In a close second is the opposite end of commerce spectrum: the person who is so completely uninterested in what you need that you’ll be getting the bare minimum of help, regardless of easy a task helping you will be.

Personalized Attention

Wouldn’t be great if we could just bypass all of this and get to the nitty gritty? Celina prides itself on focusing on the customer – what you want, how much of it you need, and how you want to communicate that need to us.

Wondering how we do it?

  • Celina has Jamie Dues - a dedicated sales associate for all of our agricultural sales. Not only does this mean you know exactly who you’ll be dealing with when you call or visit, you can rest assured that she is well-versed in the kinds of information vital to helping you make a purchase. That’s her focus!
  • Jamie is not only the lead in helping out our agricultural customers; she’s also a certified Positive Pressure Tube Ventilation Consultant. In case you’re unfamiliar with PPTV Consultants, they are trained to know exactly the kinds of ventilation is required for various kinds of livestock and have the ability to calculate the lengths of tubing, fan speeds required, and air dispersal hole placements to make sure your unique barn is outfitted perfectly for livestock.
  • We can be reached during business hours by phone or by visiting our show room, 24/7 by email, and have extensive voice mail services in place so that no matter how you decide to reach us, we can get back to you as soon as possible.

The Celina Industries Standard

The best part about all of the items and services we offer – apart from how great they are themselves – is that we have the entire Celina Industries workforce available for use. Yes, we make barn curtains and wind tunnel curtains and decontamination foot bath mats, that’s a given. But what if you want a size of curtain that isn’t listed on the website? What if you want to try out a completely different material? What you want something more?

Through communication and innovation, we can work together to create nearly any fabric product you can image! The possibilities are only limited by what you need and having the imagination to create it. Contact us today by phone (888-986-2026) or email ( and we can get the ball rolling on making your life that much easier!