Triple Stitch Technology versus Heat Welding


Agri-Barrier Curtains from Celina Industries can be created using two separate methods of construction: Celina’s trademark Triple Stitch Technology, or Heat Welded Seams. Both are available on the majority of our curtains, and have their own advantages.

Sewing is the most common method used to create barn curtains. At Celina, Triple Stitch construction adds an additional one to two stitch lines to the standard amount used to create curtain pockets. Pockets are located along the top and bottom of the curtain for installation purposes, with the option of additional pockets should you desire. More sew lines increase the curtain’s strength and provide back-up protection should any individual sew line break. While the additional stitch does go a long way toward keeping the sew lines intact, it is still -vaguely- possible for all sew lines to fail and disconnect the pocket.

Heat Welds are created through a combination of hot air nozzles and pressurized silicone wheels. Our machines position the nozzle between two layers of material, which are then pressed together with the wheel in order to bind the two layers together. The heat melts the adjacent sides of each material piece, at which point the pressure allows enough time for the material to cool slightly and bond. This creates a seal which in most cases is stronger than either base material that it is created from. Heat seams can be ripped, usually along the edge of the seal or the “heat affected area.” Should this happen, a cut made past the furthest point of the tear (in an area still well sealed) will create a new end to the seal and stop and further tearing. Curtains with heat welded seams take a longer time to create, and will therefore require a longer lead time between placing the order and receiving product.

Whether you choose a traditional sewn hem or the heat welded option, Agri-Barrier Curtains from Celina are an investment you can get behind. As a local area business, we understand the importance of knowing our customers’ needs. Agri-Barrier curtains are made right here at our Celina, OH manufacturing plant for quality you can trust.

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