No Project Too Big or Small


We like to think of Celina Industries as an all-around accommodating company. From our wide range of products to the various industrial services we provide, there are so many ways in which we are here to help. Being both the designer and manufacturer gives us an opportunity afforded to few – item customization and development.

Special Projects

There have been a few occasions where Celina has traveled out of our customary production area in order to try new things. From our forays into agricultural products and automotive packaging to the more recent additions of truck tarps and tent event flooring, we like to dabble in any products that could possibly lead to a better array of helpful merchandise.

This not only includes expanding our product base, but also developing specialized versions of our existing products. Where would our Premiere II Series High Peak Pole Tents be without the groundwork developed when we created the Premiere I Series? It’s the imagination to take what we already and make it better that keeps us moving forward.


There have been many times when we’ve changed or augmented products to fit the specifications of our customers. Here are just a few:

  • Ag Curtains

Nowhere is our ability to expand on a product as evident as with our curtain lines. Even before our focus shifted toward the creation of our agricultural line of products, we’ve processed curtains for various livestock applications across different agricultural fields. From custom sizing down to fabrics used, much of our work to date has been funneled into the creation of the Agri-Barrier barn curtain line.

  • Contamination Prevention

One of the more interesting applications we’ve come across was the idea to create large curtains for airplane hangars. For projects like painting and deep-cleaning, the ability to simply cordon off an area with a flexible vinyl curtain is simple and easy - almost elegant. While not normally the type of product we create, we have both the know-how and equipment to get the job done.

  • Aircraft Engine Covers

Speaking of airplanes, have you ever wondered how they keep jet engines free of debris while they aren’t flying? A more recent project had us creating custom-printed engine covers for the Illinois Air National Guard. The combination of the fastener design and the integration of our DuraPrint fabric and printing made for lightweight, great-looking covers.

With a simple call or email, we can get started on creating the product that you’re looking for. While there are limitations to our abilities and the amount of time and effort we can ascribe to a project at any given time, it never hurts to see how open our schedule is. Contact us today for availability!