A Sample of What We Have to Offer


Celina has spent years researching and developing our online presence – allowing us to be accessible to our customer base any time, day or night. Our online information is expansive! While we’ve devoted a large amount of time and energy to this, we understand that it all boils down to information displayed on a screen. And as much as you look at a set of measurements and descriptions, sometimes it’s just easier to look at an item in-hand.

Taking Matters into your Own Hands

We know that a product sample is one of the best ways to raise interest in a product. The fact that it’s there to feel and see in the flesh makes it so much more real. Celina’s main headquarters has a show room where you can see most of the products that we manufacture. All of the ducting that comes from our ducting lines, the various barn curtain and agricultural items – anything we make can be poked, prodded, and observed to see if it’s exactly the type of item you’re looking for.

Should you want to investigate more into the process behind the product, our production facility is located literally 300 feet from the show room! We can take you on tours around the building to show you the machine processes behind most of our product lines, from heat sealing methods to the sewing and quilting machines we use. This way you can get a feel for exactly the product you’re looking at.

Going the Distance

While the show room and manufacturing tours may sound great, there is always the problem of distance. It doesn’t help someone three states over if we have a sample piece in our own hands. This is where we like to explain our Sample Service – getting product samples to you for your benefit. Getting a piece of our curtains or material to look at is a snap:

1.       Contact us at (419)326-2082 (or by emailing jamiedues@celinaindustries.com) and ask to be sent a sample.

2.       Select the sample you would like to have. Available product samples include:

3.       Give us your address or the address where the sample needs to be sent.

And that’s the whole process! Samples consist of an 8” by 11” (20 cm x 28 cm) piece of the fabric that makes up the product, and will be sent at no cost to you. In the event that you still have questions, we are more than happy to explain any and all aspect of our products.

Give us a call at any time, or even chat with us using the chat window on the lower right hand corner of any Celina website. We’re here to help!