Celina Industries: Your Choice for an Ever-Enriched Tomorrow


We know that often times when you are reading our blogs, there is a heavy-handed lean toward our products and services. And really, can you blame us? Keeping our readership appraised of every item and process that we are offering to you keeps you in the know as far as allowing you a one-stop-shopping service. From new idea development to industrial products and agricultural items, we want to be sure you know what all we currently offer and can offer.

Why do we want to tell you so much about our products? It’s simple – they constantly change. Not in their function or in any way that is a detriment; quite the contrary. Celina is dedicated to the constant revamping and improving on every item we produce.

A Tradition of Improvement

In case you aren’t aware of the road that led to Celina Industries’ development (detailed here), a tent rental business branched into production and then further created a division dedicated to engineered fabric products. While this may read very mundane, the implications should be very exciting. After all, how often does a company grow and thrive based solely on improvement?

The original leap from renting to creating party tents came about because of the lack of that very product-oriented insight. We would like to use tents that last long, withstand weather better, or look a certain way, we said to ourselves, and when we didn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to do it ourselves. Once happy with our abilities in the tent industry, with the fires of improvement already stoked and ready, we focused on expansion beyond.

What other fabrics are there? What else can we make with fabrics? What more can our fabrication machines produce?

Beyond a Destination

It’s easier to do a job when there is a deliberate and obvious goal on the horizon – after all, prospect of a never-ending task is enough to extinguish even the most earnest and committed worker. So how do we keep motivated? The short answer is: you.

Customer feedback is one of the most overlooked (and undervalued) means a company has to not only stay relevant but keep their products the most sought-after in an ever expanding market. Think of everything it can tell you:

  • Product Weaknesses:

No testing procedure can cover every single environment and situation that a product may have to endure; customers can let you know when a shortfall is found (or even if an addition use is discovered apart from the standard).

  • Non-Functionality Related Improvements:

Have you ever noticed that there are very few situations where the color of a car changes anything but aesthetic? Looks are important, even if it’s just choosing the color of thread used or size of a heat weld. Knowing what our customers are looking for allows us to make the products you want.

  • Endurance Limits:

Similar to our first point, we already know the basic longevity of a fabric or process due to our extensive testing and basic understanding of the materials we work with. We rarely get the chance to test our products to failure in the traditional way. Yes, simulating years of sun beating down on a vinyl can be achieved, but there are so many more factors that can influence the outcome. A simple “The last product X I bought lasted this long” helps to complete our understanding immensely.

Our constant attention to the improvement of our products has led to leaps and bounds in our understanding of the fabric products that you desire. Combing all of our current knowledge with advancing technologies (both from within our field of fabrication and without) is what gives Celina Industries an edge – keeping us in time with you and the word around us.

Have new idea, comment, or just want to get in contact with us? Celina Industries’ welcomes all calls (888-324-0654), emails, visits – however you want to contact us! We look forward to your feedback.