Pop Up Tents for You, Animals – Everyone!


What uses have Fast Shades been put to? Well, the obvious uses (including trade show marketing, booths for fairs and festivals, or general shade for venues like zoos and college campuses) are well known and, for lack of a better word, obvious. Recently a customer contacted us with what we found to be a fairly unique use – shelter for advertising showing animals at trade shows.

The Fast Shade Pop Up Canopy is easy to use, easy to transport, and pliable enough to withstand constant moving and use. The easy-use travel bag (with wheels and zippered pockets for tent fabric) and no-tools set up make every Fast Shade – from the 10’ x 10’ to the 10’ x 20’ – a 2 minute installation.

A Tent for All Situations

Mixing the lightweight, transportable design with the ability to brand it with your own farm’s name or animal husbandry line gives your stall or display all the attention it deserves. Fast Shades are the perfect solution for mobile marketing – allowing you to attend many various shows and competitions without adding too much hassle to an already crowded workload. The lack of required tool means that the only object you need to drag along is the bag the tent is stored in!

Every Fast Shade Canopy is made from lightweight and water-resistant fabrics. Whether the frame or fabric gets coated in mud or ... other substances, a quick rinse with a hose lets you move on to your next job (note: as with any tent, always be sure to completely dry a tent before storing it to prevent mold and mildew). The tent frame resists most wear, flexing to allow for the odd kick or weight applied to it. And in the event that the frame breaks, a replacement can be ordered without needing to replace the top!

With the custom printing aspect, it’s simple enough to tailor each Fast Shade to exactly your need. Showing animals at a competition? Have your farm’s name emblazoned across the top. Want to advertise your animal’s genetic line for siring or breeding purposes? Have the name printed bright, bold, and unmistakable!

Help Us Help You

At Celina we try to make sure our products get used to their full potential. From custom printing to simplified installations and economical production methods, each and every item we sell is designed to hold up great no matter what its end use. A recent customer actually messaged us back, having purchased some of our Ratchet Covers (available in Small and Large) with a list of other uses – from wrapping extension cord connections to the top of installed stakes connected to anchor lines.

Celina enjoys hearing back from all of our customers; it keeps us up-to-date on how well our products are working, and gives us the feedback needed to continually update and improve our wide range of products. Contact us at any time by emailing sales@celinaindustries.com with thoughts, questions, or concerns about any of our products. We love to hear from you!