Keeping Your Cool (Or Heating Things Up) With Ventilation Ducting


Crazy spring weather aside, we’re moving into the warmer months now. As the air conditioning units puff out their first breaths of chilly relief, it makes you wonder if the there’s anything you can do to make sure your environmental control units keep up with the oncoming season. The last thing most people consider if the ducting that gets you your conditioned air.

Standard Spiral Ducting

In your average building with any sort of ceiling, you’ll be able to find one of two types of ducting – square or spiral. At Celina we specialize in the spiral variety, creating a flexible duct that has a high strength rating due to the metal coil that wraps throughout the fabric. This is best for maintenance areas where there are many obstacles or where square ducting is more of an installation hassle.

With both strength and flexibility on its side, spiral ducting can be used to dodge around electrical equipment, major supports that may be in the same area, or be used as temporary connections in open areas.

A Silver Lining (of Sorts)

Thermal insulation isn’t just a way of talking about making things hotter. Insulation also aids in keeping the cold, keeping any ambient heat from reducing the air temperature before it reaches its destination. Various methods are used to maintain a more insulated product, from an adjustment of manufacturing methods (sewing, which creates a steady stream of small holes throughout the material versus heat sealing with is air-tight) to adding more insulated materials to the ducting during production.

One of the most common and economical insulators available is regular bubble plastic, the type you can find wrapped around fragile objects during shipment. This material creates a layer of dead air between the inner and outer areas of the duct that helps to reduce any major reducing in the temperature of the flowing air. For situations that may require more specialized insulation – say you’re creating an air duct for a freezer or to transport hazardous materials/gasses – the layering on the ducts can be adjusted to provide the best protection.


While we are going on about the most average use of spiral ducting, it’s worth noting that spiral ducts have many uses that extend into the airline, mining, and automotive industries. Celina tries to ensure complete customer satisfaction in all created products; whether it’s your first time ordering or you are a seasoned veteran customer. Our engineering staff is on hand to aid us in creating just the duct you need, from materials used in its creation to the types of finishes and connectors at each duct’s end. Contact us today ( for more on our spiral ducting lines.