Where Do Celina Industries' Materials Come From?

Celina Industries offers many services, from heat sealing and sewing to automated cutting and design. Along with the functions we can provide for your product, we have experience with and a landed stock of the following materials. Each material type has a different use and function as defined by the material’s attributes, and can be used to create nearly any fabric product.


Poly Vinyl Chloride, often referred to as PVC, is one of our most abundant fabrics. Vinyl’s range from a PVC-coated scrim and block out layer, PVC and scrim only, and even a simple sheet of PVC for specific applications. Used in the creation of party tent tops, agricultural barn curtains, and military billeting and storage structures, PVC can be both sewn and welded to create nearly any type of product. From tarps to water-tight bags, PVC is handled by nearly every station in the shop.


Polyethylene is a woven fabric. Stored and shipped in large rolls, PE is used in the creation of agricultural barn curtains. The fabric is run through a quilter to add hem, pockets, and whatever else the end curtain requires before being shipped to its destination.


Light and easy to clean, polyester cloth is the most common fabric used to create table covers and runners, often custom-printed with designs and logos for individuals.


Due to the active characteristics of the materials, some of our materials are used in more specific situations. For example, Tricot is a material that can provide advanced anti-marring protection to components and items that require that level of safety during transportation.


Coated mesh is created much in the same way that our abundant vinyl is; an internal scrim, or loosely woven net of fibers, is coated with a protective layer of PVC. Mesh is great for banners and fence covers used outdoors due to the ability for air to simply pass through it, minimizing the amount of wear over time that may come from additional movement of the fabric.

With so many different services and materials at your disposal, Celina is here to help you reach your goal. Whether you need surge space for a large order or want an idea developed and require our expertise, Celina Industries can help you out! Contact us today by emailing us at sales@celinaindustries.com.