Turkey Barn Insulated Curtains –from the viewpoint of a Turkey!

You know (gobble gobble), some of my best memories come from the times I spent down on the farm. Now, I may just be a run-of-the-mill turkey talking to y’all, but I feel like my experiences can shed more light on the best means for turkey-rearing.

As far back as I can remember – the beginning of this year, in fact – I can recall all the warmth and fluffiness that a poult could ask for. My guess for this warmth would be that insulated curtains were installed on the north and west sides of our little barn. I heard that they’re great for keeping in heat during cooler weather, made with air pockets for an added temperature barrier. I even heard that the curtains can be opened at the top to cycle air without sacrificing any warmth. Toasty, easy breathing!

You see, a draft can wreak havoc among young turkeys like myself before they can acclimatize to natural surroundings. You’d be amazed at just how detrimental a cool breeze can be (sad gobble).

More sunlight hits the south and east sides of a barn, so most likely a standard agricultural barn curtain (polyethylene or vinyl) was installed on those sides. I don’t rightly remember which style we had –there were so many options! These curtains operate in the same fashion as the insulated ones, without the need for added temperature layers. We don’t want to get too warm, after all.

Yeah, those were some good times. Granted only being a few months old doesn’t give me too many to choose from, I still look back fondly on my little curtained barn.

In any case, I’m looking forward to a full and productive life that is sure to last for years and years (gobble). Once we leave this pen none of us will return, which only indicates to me that there is a need for us turkeys somewhere out there in the world – and I for one can’t wait to see what lengthy future is in store for me. On a side note, this “Thanks-Giving” sounds pretty nice. I’m sure all us turkeys will get thanked copiously.


Thomas L. Turkey, Esquire