Construction Site Prepping with Mesh Fence Screens

FebWK3-Mesh Construction-INDUSTRIES.jpg

The best part about winter is almost here – the part where it turns into spring. The air will warm up, rivers will thaw, plants will start growing again, and all of the new construction projects will start dotting the landscape.

If that last one doesn’t sound too appealing, we understand. For most of the construction cycle, zones full of back hoes and dirt piles can put a downer on the otherwise pleasant view. There is a way that this can be helped, if only for those outside of the construction area – Celina’s printed Mesh Fence Screens area great addition to any ground breaking even after the work has started.

How it Works

Fencing around work sites is a must, keeping out pests and unauthorized guests while delineating a safe boundary for passers-by. Adding a mesh fence screen further blocks the view of the site interior with a portion of easily hung mesh. Mesh, a fabric made from loosely woven fibers further coated to make it weather-proof, allows air to continue to pass through the fence and reduces the amount of wear that comes to the screen. While we have a range of finishing choices, most screens are ordered with a series of grommets on the edges to allow them to be connected to fencing.

Images of Loveliness

What can you have printed on your screen? Anything you can think of! Most common images for construction-use fall into one of two categories: construction company branding or scenic views.

Construction Company Branding

This one is pretty obvious. Marking your mesh with the name of your company lets you improve the surrounding view and also puts in a splash of free marketing. It’s not necessary to make the name or logo exceedingly simple, either. You can put your logo in addition to any graphics, quotes, image of past and present project – any combination will bring your name to the forefront and look great while doing it.

Scenic Imagery

If scenic impact is more your concern, this too is easy to accomplish. Simply choose the style or series of images that you would like to have and we can arrange them into a pleasant collage or running scene. Want an ivy-laced brick wall to fit in with surrounding buildings? A forest among real trees? How about images of the local team around the site of their new stadium? You can customize the look and feel of your fencing with limitless potential.

No matter how you decide to decorate your screen, Celina has the ability to print it with digital precision on screens of any size. Combined with your choice of finishing options, you can have the screen perfect for your circumstances in no time! Just contact Celina via email (sent to or by calling us at (844) 803-9444.