Proof of Concept – The Celina Proving Grounds

FebWK1-Proving Grounds-INDUSTRIES.jpg

As Celina continues to improve products and processes around our main manufacturing campus, we’ve set our sights on refining more than just production. After all, what’s the point in continuing to make a product if it can’t withstand the test of time? Celina has always had various structures installed outside from time to time, but with all of the new developments we decided to put in an official area, decked out with monitoring equipment, for the sole purpose of testing shelters outdoors.

And as such, the Celina Proving Grounds were born! Able to test large structures after a single installation! More powerful than simulated weathering machines! Better suited for full tent testing than your average spring event!


The Proving Grounds are a place to test long term out door exposure of hardware, complete frames, and fabrics to see how they weather under real-world conditions. Items are installed on the site in the same way that they are used by customers. At that point, weather effects like temperature, wind, and precipitation are recorded as the items are left outdoors for weeks or months at a time. Regular inspection allows for identification of problem areas on designs, basic flaws in fabrics, and spot-documentation of more rare weather effects.


Developing our campus has been a high priority as we try and make sure we are using each and every inch to its highest potential. The recent addition of our Distribution Center, home to all kitting, storage, and shipping gave us the perfect opportunity to develop the land directly adjacent and finally expand our testing plot. Located right beside the main production facility, the Proving Grounds allow for almost instantaneous installation of new product designs and hardware.


There are many different machines that can simulate long periods of wear, whether UV exposure, wind, or water damage. While great on their own, many only test for single attributes which doesn’t translate to complete outdoor conditions. UV deterioration with literally no wind? Waterless environments? These are hard to come by in lab conditions, let alone where most fabrics are used. This is why having a plot dedicated to long term outdoor use is the simplest and most effective way to test exposure.

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Simple as it may sound, the addition of a dedicated space for long-term tent installation is a major step toward ensuring that all of Celina’s products live up to the quality standards we value. Want to find out more about our quality practices? Pay us a visit! Stop by our main factory location and see how we pursue the upper echelons of product manufacturing.  You can also contact us by phone, calling (888) 324-0654, or by emailing us at