Quality Begets Quality: Lab Work for the Better


Ask any chef, and they’ll tell you that the best meals can only be made from the best ingredients. Yes, hot dogs may be filling, but fillet mignon tastes better. So the best basic materials need to be used in order to get the best end product (food or otherwise). At Celina Industries, this means checking all of our materials when they’re delivered for the highest quality and appropriate safety measures. This means attributes like flame resistance, lack of lead in paint, and so on.

Our main facility located in Celina, Ohio has an in-house quality assurance lab for just this reason. In it are the various machines needed to make sure that all of the fabric products we produce are made from the best in base materials.

To the Lab!

Along with the standard stretch testers, microscopes and weight testing machines, Celina Industries has a few more complicated testing tricks up its sleeve. Two of our most useful machines include:

Accelerated Weathering/UV Chamber

Combining elevated temperatures with high amounts of ultraviolet lighting and condensation, the accelerated weathering machine can simulate year after year of intense outdoor use in as little as one month. To be specific, 500 hours of testing qualifies as two and a half years of weathering! This allows us to test fabrics and strap materials to see exactly how well any UV resistance they have works under extremes.

Salt Sprayer

Tents aren’t always set up in fields in the Midwest; they’re used all over the country in all different environments. The salt sprayer mimics the effects of salt water in the atmosphere, similar to ocean side installation sites. Salt reacts with the metal tent hardware, greatly advancing the breakdown of each piece. This machine runs with water, salt, and heat to show exactly the extent to which this type of environment will break down the materials, and to test zinc and aluminum oxide coatings on hardware.

While we are by no means evil scientists, we do have the know-how and equipment to stay ahead of the curve.

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