Not Just for Barns Anymore! Curtains for All Uses


We’ve mentioned once or twice in the past the various curtains we’ve made. Celina Industries prides itself on combining the know-how gleaned from our event tent side with the forward-thinking engineers we have on staff for developing new products. This doesn’t mean that the products we make now are the extent of our abilities. Far from it.

The materials that we use on a day to day basis have been chosen because of their inherent properties; 16 ounce vinyl, for instance, has superb durability as tent top fabric with block out properties. Due to this basic strength, it can be combined with other materials to meld characteristics.

Combinations A-go-go!

The most common grouping is 16 ounce vinyl with clear vinyl. Clear PVC is just that; clear. As such there is little room for internal scrim, meaning that the larger the piece of clear PVC the less ability it has to hold its own, durability-wise. Weld a clear panel onto some 16 ounce, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. This is the method we use to create many of our windowed sidewalls for the Celina Tent division, combining see-through paneling to let natural light into an area with the structural stability of the standard 16 ounce.

The Next Step

More toward the industries side, we’ve found clear PVC is much sought after for this “window pane” quality, but not many structures are created with the same design as fabric tents. A great example is shown in our blog image accompanying this article – the owners of the establishment wanted clear siding, but obviously hadn’t installed tent sidewall rope line around their business.

As one of the most proficient areas in our production arsenal is the creation of banner and tarps, Celina Industries was able to fill the request with ease. Using reinforcement methods to ensure that the clear PVC had an adequate support base, we designed the wall covers to the necessary dimensions and desires of the customer and created a see-through, removable wall to allow guests an unfettered view of the lake, rain or shine.

And On Down the Road

The broad range of base materials and construction methods that we’ve studied and tested year after year has given us a very keen eye toward what stresses we can put products and designs to. And even after all of that, we enjoy trying to push products even further.

Have a project that sounds up our alley? Feel free to contact us via email ( or phone (888-324-0654), and we’d be happy to take a look at whatever project you’re thinking about. Contact us today!