What Markets Does Celina Industries’ Serve?


Marketing can be tough. You have to know your audience, who you’re trying to reach, and what you want to tell them. When trying to sell a specific product to a specific market, that means narrowing down your efforts on the people who would be (1) most interested in your product and (2) be most likely to purchase your product.

The answer may seem fairly simple once narrowed down to one topic:  Who are you selling to? The question almost answers itself – car makers are selling to people who buy cars. Grocery stores are marketing to people who eat food. And from there a company can promote the ways in which they can provide these services or products to their most applicable buyers.

Who Does Celina Industries Sell To?

At Celina Industries, the answer is actually a little more complicated. This is because we sell to such a wide variety of people. But who specifically are we talking about? Our main customers can typically be grouped into the following categories:

The Automotive Industry

With our Returnable Fabric Packaging System, our engineers work hand-in-hand with companies to come up with more eco-friendly means of getting parts to and fro within their factories. Reusable packaging is inexpensive enough to be made to the exact standards of the pieces in movement, whiele also greatly reducing waste by removing the need for boxing and protective bubble wraps, foam layers, or plastic bagging that is destroyed after a single use.


Celina Industries has been developing wide variety of products to help out our local farm friends. From various types of agricultural barn curtains – customized for insulation, light penetration, or different methods of installation – to air ducts to aid in ventilation, hay tarps for use in storing and protecting bales,  and even disinfecting mats to keep livestock safe and sound, Celina Industries is using our vast resources and small-town location to provide quality products for any part of the agricultural industry.


What do truckers need from an industrial company? We’ve recently developed and procured designs for various styles of truck tarps – including Coil, Steel, Lumber, and Smoke Tarps – to aid the shipping community by offering easily installed product tarps to help maintain the quality of their freight.

Other Manufacturing Companies

What exactly can one manufacturing company sell to another? Celina Industries’ main service in this respect has to do with bulk and specialized services. With an array of specialized machinery and processes, we are able to make what may have once been deemed a more challenging task, much simpler –providing mutual cost savings for both Celina Industries and the other manufacturing company. A win-win for all!

For example: a company may get contracted to make inflatables using a specific fabric. The inflatables are designed and put into production, but demand begins to sky-rocket and the need for faster cutting of the pieces is needed. In that case, Celina Industries would offer use of our CNC cutting stations – where we would procure the cut files (or create them from the designs), and the customer would send us the bulk material, being shipped back using the same material, but more efficiently cut into the required pieces in a fraction of the time.


If you’re reading our blog you may be here doing research on behalf of a business or for personal use. The good news is, we serve both large corporations AND individuals. Which brings us to our next line of service --product development. As we do work with fabric products that are sewn or heat sealed, any product that you are developing yourself can be contracted through Celina Industries for prototyping. Our engineering department reviews such services on a case-by-case basis, considering factors such as the ability to devote enough time to the project and whether our abilities fit with the item in question. We always want to ensure that we are the best fit for the project at hand so that you are pleased with the end-result.

Our main informational site, www.CelinaIndustries.com, has a complete lists of our abilities, products that we offer, and the machines and processes that we use on a regular basis. Come check us out – we would love to work with you!

PS: Many of our products can be purchased online, including:

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