Variety At Its Finest – A Truck Tarp for Your Every Need!


Have you ever sat back and thought about the miles upon miles that products travel? Between online orders, standard mail, and special mail services there are tons of materials flying all around the world. Now add to that all of the raw materials and large container shipments – imagine the sheer amount of items!

Truck Tarp Options

Not all shipping companies use solid-walled trucks, which can take longer to load from having only a single entry point and require organization so that the right materials are nearest to the door. Flat-bed trucks are easily loaded, and are particularly useful for large items and crates. Depending on the load, a variety of truck tarp options are available to help ease the loading and unloading process:

Coil Tarps

Keep large coils of cable protected and secured by using Celina’s Coil Tarps. Each is designed to wrap around coils (on spools or solo) and help to anchor it to the truck bed. Each individual coil would require its own tarp, to ensure proper strapping and attachment.

Lumber Tarps

With strong lateral reinforcement to help hold product in place, Lumber Tarps are designed for use over logs and timber on flat-bed trucks. Whether stacked in a pyramid (for logs) or in a standard square design (for lumber planks), Celina offers different sizes depending on how large your lumber will be.

Smoke Tarps

Given a string of good weather, you may consider not covering your items at all (or at least not see the need for protection from rain during a drought). The only drawback to shipment via truck would then be the truck themselves. For example, Smoke Tarps cover the front of the cargo, on the area next to the main exhaust where smoke and soot are most likely to land on (and stain) your shipment.

Steel Tarps

No one wants to start a project with dirty or weather-worn materials. You can effectively negate any wear and dirt accumulation during transport with a Steel Tarp. This is a sure-fire way to keep out water and moisture when shipping could possibly encounter rainy weather.

With a quick visit to, you can peruse our selection of tarp styles and sizes to find exactly the right fit. Whether you need extra support or protection from exhaust, we’ve got what you need.