Celina Tent, Inc Plans to Attend Showman's Show in UK

Celina Tent, Inc will be attending the annual Showman’s Show in the UK on October 19th & 20th of this year. The event will take place at the Newbury Showground, attracting over 5,000 visitors in as little as two days and showcasing over 340 exhibitors who will preview some of the most sophisticated equipment, structures and entertainment demanded by the event industry. Celina tent will be at Stand 217, Avenue D for the show. 

With established marquees, canopies and shelters that have been sold globally since 1996, Celina has a long-standing and proven position able to meet the demands of European customers. Celina Tent, Inc plans to bring their top-quality tent and event equipment to the UK with the opening of a distribution facility in late 2016, and UK sales beginning in early 2017. With much of the planning and behind-the-scenes work already completed, Celina Tent is currently putting on the finishing touches before officially launching their UK-based website and sales network in winter 2016.

Once live, the Celina Tent UK website will provide marquees, tables, chairs and accessories to aid you in any event or celebration. Their marquee brands include Frame, Pole, and Fast-Shade styles to let YOU choose the level of intricacy and work behind each installation.

Jeff Grieshop, President of Celina Tent, states that “Celina Tent will be providing the European market our best-selling, proven, quality event products. Customized products can be delivered to your door by special order from our United States Distribution Center.”

Celina Tent, Inc is one of the largest tent manufacturers in North America and the leading distributor of tents and event related products. Celina Tent has 20 years of proven success in the U.S. and Canadian rental, hospitality, military and disaster relief markets. Celina products are currently shipped worldwide.

You can find more information about who we are on our websites www.celinatent.com and www.gettent.com.


We received the tent the day after we spoke and we couldn’t believe how fast it was shipped to us - Outstanding! By the way, everyone got a kick out of the video! In September we will be using the tent again for the county’s firefighter convention and parade. It will save us another $250 in tent rental fees so our new tent is already paying for itself. There’s still some talk about buying those sides so expect to hear from us again next spring.

Thanks again for everything,
Stony Point, NY

Just wanted say how happy we are with our Celina tent. We had our party this weekend and everyone remarked how nice it is....a thousand times nicer than anything we have previously rented.

Thanks again

Thank you for the timeliness and the great service in ordering these tables. The price was great, the shipment was speedy, and the service perfect. Keep up the good work there. I will easily recommend your company.

Vice President/General Manager

Thanks again for your excellent service. The tent I purchased 3 years ago has been a tremendous asset to my business in the Quartzsite show, and these additional side walls will simply continue the service and excellent presence your tent has provided my business. I appreciate your expidition of the order and await delivery as soon as possible.

Thanks again

“We have received “fabulous” reviews on our new 30’ x 60’, 40’ x 80’, 20’ x 40’, and 20’ x 20’ frames that we got from you. They are now the most rented tents that we have and we are booking into next year for those tents! Thanks for all of your help! We greatly appreciate it.”