Work Continues on the New Celina Distribution Center

Distribution Complex to provide local jobs is on schedule for November opening.

Celina has been building onto their US campus, increasing production and storage space, for the last fifteen years. The most recent addition is the Celina Distribution Center being added to the main production lot in Celina, Ohio. Construction began early in 2017, and will allow Celina to consolidate their main factory and storage capabilities onto one lot. As the November completion date approaches, more and more progress is being made on the organization of the new shipping department.

“The new Celina Distribution Center is coming along slightly ahead of schedule,” comments Randy Garman, Celina’s Director of Finance. “We hope to be operating out of it in full effect shortly after the first of the year.”

With the bulk of the main structural components in place, efforts have shifted to organizing storage racks and finishing office space to house the new staff. All of Celina’s warehousing, distribution, and inventory control personnel will be relocated to new offices totaling 2,000 square feet. Throughout the office and warehouse space, LED lighting has been installed to maximize energy efficiencies with motion sensor shut-off abilities to ensure that no energy is wasted.

The focus in the final area of the new building is two-fold: first, the space will be organized to maximum efficiency for shipping products on time and receiving and storing finished items. Director of Operations and General Manager Dave Willis has substantial experience with Lean manufacturing processes and will be helping to make sure that all will flow smoothly between the item manufacturing portion and storage and transportation. This space will also be used for kitting and item consolidation. This makes shipping easier, with all required parts and pieces combined for easier transportation.

Second, much of the space can be allocated to surge production. This flexibility will help to accommodate nearly any order size. For use as surge production space, any required in-storage machinery can be set up in the allotted area and staffed with workers from standard production in the main manufacturing plant. Finished product will be easily inspected, packaged, and shipped with exceedingly fast turnaround.

Current warehousing will only fill a portion of the new Distribution Center’s total storage space. More room allows for an increase in the storage of products that can be made ahead of time, including stock shelters for humanitarian and military use or solid white event tents and canopies, and hardware that isn’t manufactured on site. Extra storage also allows manufacturing to stay busy during the tenting off-season creating standard stock tents in preparation for the next year. Existing inventory will be transferred from the current warehouse in Coldwater, Ohio once construction is complete.


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