Why should you choose Agri-Barrier Barn Ventilation Curtains?

When building a barn today, most farmers choose to build a barn with plastic (PVC or PE) curtain sidewalls as opposed to a solid wall.  The swine, turkey, dairy/beef are contained to a barn and may require natural ventilation.  Building a barn with curtain sidewalls allows for this.  The natural ventilation not only removes heat and moisture from the building but also odors and gasses.  Utilizing the Agri-Barrier livestock curtain system can allow the farmer to regulate the temperature and moisture in the barn by raising or lowering the curtain as conditions require.

Choosing the proper livestock barn ventilation curtain can be a task.  The number one problem with a curtain is the hem on the pockets.  At Celina Industries, we manufacture a curtain with three rows of stitches. This is our patent pending Triple Stitch Technology.  Triple Stitch Technology provides additional rows of stitching which will prolong the life of the barn curtain.  We also offer a RF Heat Welded hem on some of our curtains which alleviates the need for thread all together. RF Welding creates a permanent bond between the two layers which is stronger than sewing.  We manufacture Celina’s Foot Bath Disinfecting Mats where sewing is completely eliminated by using RF Welding.

Celina Industries produces a full line of ventilation products that can be used in Ag Environment. Our Ventilation Ducts are designed to create positive pressure ventilation throughout the barn.   Positive Pressure Ventilation provides clean, fresh air from outside the barn and forces air within the barn to the outside.  Celina also produces Agri-Barrier Livestock Barn Fan Covers that protects livestock building from incoming drafts that could enter through barn ventilation fan units. Air Chutes are manufactured to fit any size wall or cone fan.

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