Why should you choose Agri-Barrier Barn Ventilation Curtains?

When building a barn today, most farmers choose to build a barn with plastic (PVC or PE) curtain sidewalls as opposed to a solid wall.  The swine, turkey, dairy/beef are contained to a barn and may require natural ventilation.  Building a barn with curtain sidewalls allows for this.  The natural ventilation not only removes heat and moisture from the building but also odors and gasses.  Utilizing the Agri-Barrier livestock curtain system can allow the farmer to regulate the temperature and moisture in the barn by raising or lowering the curtain as conditions require.

Triple Stitch Technology on ventilation curtains for Dairy, Beef, Swine & Poultry Barns


Celina Industries offers Triple Stitch Technology on their Agri-Barrier Barn Ventilation Curtains.  Celina’s Patent Pending Triple Stitch Technology allows for an additional chain stitch row for added strength from wind, weather and continual use and come standard on all Agri-Barrier barn sides.  These livestock curtains were engineered specifically for use on poultry barns, swine barns and cattle barns.   The curtains are manufactured using UV Resistant Thread for additional longevity and are abrasion resistant.   The material options for these curtains include Polyethylene (PE), vinyl (PVC) and insulated PE/PVC.   Custom lengths are available to purchase at Let us help you choose the best option by emailing: or calling 1-888-324-0654.